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What Others Say

"Take the angst of Radiohead and sprinkle with Brit Pop/late Beatles. If Lennon was experimenting now, he'd sound like this.Idan Altman, Music Producer

"It hits all the right notes with me through his excellent melodies and unique delivery." Canadian Web TV channel

"The chorus is the real shining moment. I found myself humming it later, particularly to the brilliant backing vocals." Boaz Sachs, Music Blogger

Authentic, real music...

Tash Hagz is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter. 

He has a dreamy indie-pop sound that blends a classic rock vibe with his own quirky songwriting style. Described as 'Authentic, real music', he spends his spare time creating timeless, organic tracks with real musical instruments.

His sound conjures up memories of those great lost days discovering a brand new band on vinyl at your local record shop. Capturing the favourable attention of critics, he's attracted fans and followers throughout the world. 

Radio play resulted in a top 10 smash on the UK alternative charts on Reverbnation.

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"A VERY original songwriter" said GRAMMY® nominated producer, Victor James. Discover why...



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