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Critically Acclaimed

“From beginning to end, the layers of majestic audio that form the fabric of this song are nothing short of spellbinding."
Melody Maker - October 2021

“Continuing his experiments with psychedelia and conventional pop structures, he is a professional when it comes to arrangements. This arrangement is specifically… Brilliant!"
Ballyhoo Magazine - October 2021

“There’s not a songwriter alive that won’t graciously extend their respect to Hagz. He’s either a genius or a savant. Or riding a fine line between the two." - October 2021

Embark on a magical psychedelic odyssey

Tash Hagz is a veteran multi-instrumental singer-songwriter. 

He writes dreamy psychedelic epics that blend a classic rock vibe with his own seasoned songwriting style. Described as 'An ornamental figure in the resurgence of psychedelic-tinged rock', he's spent years crafting timeless, organic tracks. But only now have the first batch been professionally produced and mixed.

His sound conjures up memories of those great lost days discovering a brand new underground band on vinyl at your local record shop. Capturing the favourable attention of grass-root critics, this freshly baked music is gaining something of a cult following. 

Radio play resulted in a top 10 digital smash on the UK alternative charts on Reverbnation.

(BTW... He shares his secret why he deleted the track throughout the world! Hint: It's not what you think!)

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